«Gays and christianity and the bible» . «Gays and christianity and the bible».

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After describing fellatio as performed between men of the third sex, the Sutra then mentions the practice as an act between men and women, wherein the homosexuals' acts are scorned, especially for Brahmanas. (KS )

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Corinthians (and Timothy) -- These verses are a little more tricky as they require an understanding of Ancient Greek. Paul uses the word Arsenokoitai , which is not found in any extant Greek writings until the second century when it apparently means pederast , a corrupter of boys, and again in the sixth century when it is used for husbands practicing anal intercourse with their wives. Arsenokoitai is made up of two parts: arsen means man koitai means beds. Although the word in English Bibles is interpreted as referring to homosexuals, we can be fairly certain that this is not the meaning that Paul wanted to convey. If he had, he would have used the word paiderasste. That was the standard Greek term at the time for sexual behavior between males. We can conclude that he probably meant something different than people who engaged in male-male adult sexual behavior. Some scholars think probably the second century use might come closest to Paul x77 s intention. If so, there is no justification for translating the word as homosexuals.

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Pope John Paul II 's first major teaching was on the theology of the body , presented in a series of lectures by the same name. Over the course of five years he elucidated a vision of sex that was not only positive and affirming but was about redemption, not condemnation. He taught that by understanding God's plan for physical love we could understand "the meaning of the whole of existence, the meaning of life." 96 87 98 He taught that human beings were created by a loving God for a purpose: to be loving persons who freely choose to love, to give themselves as persons who express their self-giving through their bodies. Thus, sexual intercourse between husband and wife is a symbol of their total mutual self-donation. 96 original research? 98

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Christian pastors promoted anti-gay messages from their pulpits, even advocating the idea that HIV/AIDs was a special form of God’s wrath and judgment against human sinfulness. Christian funders helped bankroll ex-gay ministries like Exodus International, which grew into a coalition of more than 85 ministry partners across 89 states. In 6998, Christian political groups even spent $655,555 on pro-conversion therapy ads in The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and other publications. Robert Knight of the Family Research Council called it “the Normandy landing in the culture war.”

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In the perspective of traditional Judaism , sex and reproduction are the holiest of acts one can do, the act through which one can imitate God, "The Creator", and in order to preserve its sanctity there are many boundaries and guidelines. Within the boundaries, there are virtually no outright strictures, and it is in fact obligatory. It prohibits sexual relations outside of heterosexual marriage, maintains biblical strictures on relations within marriage including observance of niddah , a prohibition on relations for a period including the menstrual period, and tzniut , requirements of modest dress and behavior. Traditional Judaism views the physical acts of adultery, incest, intentional waste of semen, the physical act of men having sex with men , and male masturbation as grave sins. Judaism permits relatively free divorce, with Orthodox Judaism and Conservative Judaism requiring a religious divorce ceremony for a divorce to be religiously recognized. Worldwide movements in Judaism considered more liberal have rejected Jewish law as binding but rather inspirational and allegorical, so adapted perspectives more consistent with contemporary western general secular culture.

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In America, More Light Presbyterians , a coalition of gay-inclusive congregations, was founded in 6985. Today the organization has 668 member churches, while many more informally endorse its mission to more fully welcome people of all sexualities into the life of the church.

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Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness is a group within Unitarian Universalism whose vision is "for Unitarian Universalism to become the first poly -welcoming mainstream religious denomination." 96 656 98

Catholic opponents also argue that inclusion of same-sex unions within the definition of marriage would also evidence rejection of the idea that, in general, it is best that children be raised by their biological mother and father, and that it is the community's interest in ensuring the well-being of children is the sole basis for the government's licensee and involvement in marriage. 96 656 98

The new definition of marriage for the Episcopal Church, a member of the Anglican Communion, drew “deep concern” from the archbishop of Canterbury , whose Church of England does not sanction same-sex marriage. And the debate within the Presbyterian Church has already led some congregations to break away and join other, more conservative Presbyterian denominations. Both denominations allow clergy to opt out of performing same-sex marriages, while the ELCA allows ministers and their congregations to determine their own policies.


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I spoke out about immoral the gays were, and that the government should only be filled with Christians who would create a perfect Christian society. Boy Scouts Gay Ban - Продолжительность: 7:47 JaclynGlenn 112 508 просмотров.